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Our research aims to foster our understanding about the way numerical information is represented and processed. We are particularly interested in the mental representation of numbers as symbolic representations of quantities and the brain mechanisms underlying the processing and development of such representations. This includes research on more sophisticated forms of numbers, numerical concepts, and quantitative processes (e.g., zero, negative numbers, trillions, infinity, exponents, and exponential growth). Other interests include neural correlates of number processing, the malleability of numerical representations, individual differences in numerical competence, spatial-numerical associations, and automatic processing of numbers.


An additional area of research explores executive functions and the brain mechanisms involved in the processing of various information types after trauma.


In our studies, we employ behavioral measurements (RT, eye-movements), as well as electrophysiological (EEG/ERP) and neuromodulation (tDCS) methods.


We thank the Israel Science foundation and the Israel Defense Forces (Medical Corps) for supporting our research projects.

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